Company Introduction

About Taiwan U-Pellet

The Foundation

Taiwan U-Pellet Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. Believing that technology comes from humanity, U-Pellet introduced from abroad the raw materials of SEBS type thermoplastic elastomers and its manufacturing techniques. With an eye to the increasing market demand towards eco-friendly soft materials, we start to manufacture TPE in Taiwan. Gradually, U-Pellet becomes the company of TPE development and production that brings revolutionary changes to everday life.


The Origin

The plastic industry has a close relationship with people's daily life. High quality plastic materials solve daily problems, promote the quality of life, and fulfill innovative design. The demand for high quality materials is steadily growing. Thus, Taiwan U-Pellet Co., Ltd serves the customers in good faith and with perseverance on good quality. We become a well-known and trustworthy raw material supplier of global brands.


Company Milestones

In 1989, Taiwan U-Pellet Co., Ltd. was officially founded.

In 2004, due to the steadily growing market demand, U-Pellet relocated the factory, expanded the production capacity, and standardized each product to enhance both quality and quantity.

In 2006, U-Pellet introduced the automation equipment to automatically measure the data and precisely control the material feeding, for the purpose of more stringent and accurate quality control.

In 2011, U-Pellet obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications. Satisfying the customers' requirement, U-Pellet laid the foundations for internationalization.


Corporate Vision & Future Prospects

Environmental Protection

Modern industrial society not only brings convenience, but also raises the worries about energy consumption. Therefore, Taiwan U-Pellet dedicates to lessening the impact on the environment by developing non-toxic, 100 % recyclable materials. U-Pellet is also seeking for new materials that can replace traditional plastics to realize the goal of low pollution and high added value. In the future, U-Pellet will continue to focus on the international trends, reduce carbon emissions, and develop new eco-friendly materials to save the energy for our Earth.


International Cooperation

As the old saying goes, 'Many a little makes a mickle.' U-Pellet has labored in Taiwan for a long period of time and lays a solid foundation. At the same time, U-Pellet looks for the international brands sharing common aspiration. We will discuss about the development of new materials, serve the customers, realize common goals, and promote the well-being of the world.


Leading the Trend of LOHAS

U-Pellet will build the green marketing with partners who care the environment, and elaborate the spirit of LOHAS to fulfill the lifestyle of "health and sustainability." More than being friendly to the environment, U-Pellet wants consumers to support the environmental protection by purchasing eco-friendly products and to simultaneously cultivate in them the value of love for the motherland.


Protection of Employee Safety; Maintenance of Working Environment and Sanitation

A company's success depends largely on the effort and labor of the employees. Therefore, Taiwan U-Pellet looks after the staff in every possible way, such as constant improvement on the working environment and sanitation, realizing promise of responsible care, and promoting overall performance. U-Pellet pursuits the mutual growth and support of the enterprise and the employees.


Promoting the Public Welfare

In order to achieve the vision of health and sustainability, Taiwan U-Pellet aims to deal with the inadequacies of the existing environment and the market. U-Pellet will offer customers well-thought-out and comprehensive product plan and material recommendations in manufacturing, marketing, and service. Raw material suppliers and the brand customers are complementary in understanding the habits of the public, creating goods to meet people’s needs, promoting the quality of life, and bringing about material revolution.