Green Environmental Protection

Green Certification; Sustainable Resources

The materials of Taiwan U-Pellet are compliant with both RoHS and PAHs, and are in line with REACH, an EU regulation to protect people from hazardous chemicals. Also, the materials are certified with SGS, TÜV Rheinland and other third-party testing units. These materials are proven to be non-toxic, eco-friendly and harmless to human beings. What's more, it won't cause pollution in the process of manufacturing and the TPE scraps can even be recycled. U-Pellet makes good use of the raw chemical materials to not only raise the production efficiency but also save the energy.


There are several advantages of TPE materials including easy manufacturing, short molding time, and high yield rate. These advantages can help to shorten the production lead time and to reduce production costs. Furthermore, U-Pellet introduces Water Circulation Systems to recycle the cooling water. In the future, U-Pellet will keep working towards our original aspiration to protect the environment, and will continue to concern the environmental regulations. We will also cooperate with clients to bring them trustworthy TPE pellets.